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About Us

UpAdvisor.co.uk is a website solely focused on offering consumers a range of choices to get the best deal on core financial products and personal services based on their unique circumstances. We help everyday UK residents find the best deals on credit cards, personal loans, life insurance, auto insurance, medicare supplements insurance and more.

We aim to inform and educate UpAdvisor visitors about the fastest, easiest and simplest way to solve their problem. In essence we review and recommend some of the top providers of financial products and personal services in the UK. This is a free service and we may earn a commission if you elect to apply for a service or product and apply for an offer via a link on this site and are approved.

The companies and products discussed on UpAdvisor are the property of their respective owners. We do not make any representations regarding the use of the products and individual results may vary from the experiences described on our website.

Because we do not sell or manage the products or related services discussed on UpAdvisor, it’s important that you carefully review the information on linked websites, including their terms and conditions and privacy policies. These terms and conditions and privacy policies may be very different from those documented on this site.

For general questions email us at support “at”upadvisor”dot”co”dot”uk